Sismak Diesel Co. is established in 1994 with headquarters in Konya, TURKEY and operates in national and international markets. Over twenty years of experience in the automotive field, a presence in more than 10 countries, over different types 500 of nozzles and an annual production of more than 1000 units. We have been ISO9001/UNI ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2012. The plant is located in Konya and covers 2000 sq. meters. This plant manufactures, one of the most sophisticated components of the whole fuel injection system. Sismak Diesel sells not only nozzles for automotive applications, but also elements,valves,solenoids, thermostarters, kits and test equipment such as nozzle testers. We also help our Customers to select the best equipment for Common rail, EUI/HEUI, UPS, UIS injector testing and repair. Sismak Diesel products are sold throughout the world by our very efficient distributors. Our brand is an assurance of reliability, quality and service.

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